Over twenty years of coaching and training experience has led me here.

Teaching others has been part of my DNA since I was young.  With three younger siblings and an obsession for playing "school", I've been perfecting my skills my entire life.  Once I entered the workforce, I consistently found myself in positions where I was responsible for leading, training, and/or coaching others...and I loved every second of it.  I have a knack for translating things in a way that anyone can understand, whether it be verbally or visually.  My last "corporate" job before I went full time with MJP gave me the opportunity to be a Learning & Development Specialist, where I was able to earn my Instructional Design certificate and become a DISC Facilitator.  

Being in various roles in retail management for over twenty years has also given me the experience of running a business from many different aspects.  This is what has helped me be so successful when starting my own business over five years ago!  Combine alllllllll of that with my passion for photography, and you'll see why adding an educational aspect to MJP is a no brainer for me!

"A TRUE entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. "

-Nolan Bushnell

Wouldn't it be nice if all of your wishes and dreams of being a super successful photog came true on their own? Well, unfortunately that just doesn't happen, but I have good news. Building a business is hard, especially on your own, and staying focused on the right things at the right time can be tough. That's where I come in! Let my experience and expertise fill in the gaps and get you and your business where you need to be, so you can focus on the fun part. I'll walk you through all the things you need to have in place to run your business smoothly, without making yourself crazy in the process! We'll cover topics like how and why to get legal, business finances, pricing, marketing, branding, and so much more! Let's get your Biz Shiz together!

What I Offer

Get Your Biz Shiz Together

This course is an 8-module program where we will cover all the pieces necessary to build a solid foundation for your business. From business organization and systems to branding and marketing, we'll cover everything you need to GSD and set your photography business up for success.

Business Therapy

Boost your bottom line with a dose of Business Therapy. One on one coaching where I'll help you diagnose issues, set goals, and help you build a thriving business. Available as single 60 minute sessions or save with a quarterly or annual bundle!


Looking for a little more hands on experience?  Get access to see the way I run my business, ask all the questions you can come up with, shadow on photo sessions (or possibly a wedding!), and get one 90 minute Business Therapy session per month!  *The MJP Mentorship is only available to 2 photographers at a time, for up to 6 months.