Photography For The Young At Heart

Missouri & Illinois Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Bold. Fun. Adventurous. Sentimental. Joyful. Loving. You embrace who you are and live life to the fullest, laughing and loving the whole way through. You value the importance of capturing and documenting big life milestones and all the little moments in between for your future family and generations to come.

Did we just become best friends?!

Hi, I'm Michelle!

Having professional photos taken is a very intimate, vulnerable experience, so it's incredibly important to have that BFF vibe with your photographer. One of the most important parts of my job as your photographer is to capture the real, authentic you, and lets face it, who doesn't get awkward in front of the camera? I've been referred to as a ninja more than once, which means I'm capturing those 'in the moment' expressions and memories without you even realizing I'm there!

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Love Letters

Alex S, Bride

For starters, Michelle is personable and a sweetheart. My husband and I were always completely comfortable around her and felt like we could be ourselves 100%. She is very thorough when it comes to what she plans and her process. She is also VERY knowledgeable and creative, which is obviously super important with this profession! When Michelle says she is a wedding wing woman, she isn’t playing around! She was a GREAT help through the process and day of.